Understanding What I Do

    It's important to understand how the repairs are made . A glass with a chip on the rim will be ground down to the bottom of the chip ( see the photo of the Steuben Vase ) and then smoothed and polished . In the case of a set of glasses you may notice a slight difference in height .

    Please don't ask me to just try to smooth the chipped area , neither of us will like the results . It will just make the damaged area stand out even more .

    I can repair Glasses , Bowls , Marbles , Vases , Glass Paper weights , and many other glass items .

    I can also clean the inside of vases , decanters and bottles that are stained or fogged , this condition is know as Sick Glass .

    Damaged items can be returned to usefulness through Creative Artistry ( see the photos under Creative Artistry Repairs ) .

     Though I try hard to be very careful , accidents can happen . Damage can be caused by unseen faults and cracks in the glass . My success rate is 99% over all .

     All work is done at the owner's risk .

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